Nederlandse versie

November 30 2022

Dear Supplier,

As of June 2022, the companies of the Nelemans Group have been part of BMN. The collaboration between Nelemans and BMN is becoming increasingly visible. A transition period will start from December 5 until the end of 2022.

The activities of Nelemans will continue under the names BMN Nelemans and BMN Bouwmaterialen. The migration from our IT system to that of BMN also takes place during this period. The transition period has consequences for the communication and administrative processing of your invoices.

Below you will find an overview of the changes:

BMN invoices via EDI

We request that you send the Nelemans invoices to BMN via EDI from 5 December. As of 5 December, the GLN number for EDI invoicing will be 8714253127545.

The location GLN's:

Location GLN number
BMN Nelemans Etten-Leur 8714253127415
DC BMN Nelemans Etten-Leur 8714253127422
BMN Nelemans Breda 8714253127439
BMN Nelemans Oosterhout 8714253127484
BMN Nelemans Roosendaal 8714253127491
BMN Nelemans Tilburg 8714253127507
BMN Nelemans Zundert 8714253127538
BMN Bouwmaterialen Den Haag Centrum 8714253127460
Location GLN number
TegelMegaStore Breda 8714253127446
TegelMegaStore Den Bosch 8714253127453
TegelMegaStore Den Haag 8714253127477
TegelMegaStore Tilburg 8714253127514
TegelMegaStore Zaandam 8714253127521

BMN invoices by e-mail

We request that you send the Nelemans invoices to BMN by e-mail from 5 December. For commercial invoices, please invoice per order number and send a maximum of one invoice by e-mail to For non-commercial invoices, please state the contact person and the name of the location on the invoice.

BMN invoices by post

We request that you change the address on the Nelemans invoices from 5 December to BMN Nelemans, Doornhoek 3930, 5465 TC Veghel. For non-commercial invoices, please state the contact person and name of the location on the invoice.

Billing information BMN Nelemans and BMN Bouwmaterialen

From December 5 to December 31, you can still invoice under the current name. From December 31, the company details below apply. Please adjust the name of your invoices accordingly.

Company BMN Bouwmaterialen BV
Trade names BMN Nelemans of BMN Bouwmaterialen
Billing address Doornhoek 3930, 5465 TC Veghel
CoC number 01013888
IBAN NL37 INGB 0677 1766 27
VAT number NL006357830B01
GLN billing address 8714253127545

Payments and reminders

Questions about payments and reminders can be sent by email to


If you have any questions or experience difficulties, please inform your contact person at BMN or call the central telephone number 058-2937776.

Best regards,
Drs. E.L.G.M. Nelemans